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Tissue Paper Stained Glass Sun Catchers


  • Scissors
  • Paper trimmer (optional)


  • 4 sheets tissue paper assorted colors
  • 1 piece self-adhesive sheets
  • 1 sheet card stock white


  • Prep the frame.
    Start by centering a piece of card stock on the adhesive sheet (with the sticky side still covered). Leave a half-inch border around the card stock; cut out the center to create a frame for the stained glass. Peel back the adhesive backing and stick the frame into the sticky side.
  • Cut the card stock and tissue paper.
    Cut the rest of the card stock into several strips, about the same half-inch width as the frame. Make them in a variety of lengths. Cut the tissue paper into smaller pieces so it's easier to handle.
  • Lay out the lines.
    Add pieces of the white card stock strips to the sticky sheet to divide the sun catcher into sections. Cut or tear the strips as needed to make large and small sections.
  • Add the tissue paper.
    Place pieces of tissue paper on the sticky sheet to fill in between the strips. Arrange the colors and trim or tear the edges where they overlap.
  • Stick the sun catcher in a window.
    When all of the sticky sections are covered, stick the finished sun catcher to a window by using the sticky border.