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Leaf Rubbing Crayon Resist Art

Leaf rubbing is the perfect fall kids’ activity. Turn it into an art project with the added fun of watercolor crayon resist art.


  • 5-15 Real leaves collected from your yard or neighborhood
  • 1-2 pieces Mixed media paper per child
  • 1 Black or dark colored crayon per child
  • 1 kit Watercolor paints and brush per child
  • 1 glass Water for painting


  • Collect leaves in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Place the leaves under the paper one at a time. Make sure the textured vein side of the leaf it toward the paper.
  • Rub the side of a black crayon against the leaf to make the veins and outline show.
  • Repeat to add as many leaves as you like to the paper.
  • Set the leaves aside and use the watercolors to paint the leaf shapes. The paint won’t stick to the crayon lines.
  • Let your artwork dry, then display it.